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We are offering tractor to our esteemed clients with the assurance of flawless usage. First-class comfort and safety are standard features. Our new rigid tractor also offer power, performance, and productivity. With all the latest technology aboard, they get the job done quickly and neatly.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Product Application: All types of construction works.

Product Features: Best in class, low cost, highly durable and robust.


World Class Products

We are offering high quality constructions products to our customers.

Easy To Maintain

Our high quality products are easy to maintain & high durable.
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All Time Best Price

All our prices are very competitive when compare to others.

Our heavy duty tractor truck are meant for hard work in tough conditions. To deliver under such harsh conditions, each component of these tractors have been designed and incorporated with meticulous care. Our highly reliable and durable tractors will always be on the move, guaranteeing maximum asset utilization.

Our truck engines are designed for higher efficiency and longer life. Its fuel injection system comprises of 13 independent unitized injection pumps lubricated by engine oil, thus enhancing its durability. Other features like inductive hardening at crankshaft journals, noise optimal crankcase and Electronic Control Unit enhance the reliability of the engine.

Our Product Features:

Chassis: Higher frame thickness, flange width and web height along with full depth cross member provide chassis stiffness, improving vehicle stability and load bearing ability. The robust and durable frame of the chassis is shot-blasted and powder-coated to increase corrosion resistance and make it long-lasting.

Rear Axle: It is a heavy duty banjo type axle which ensures strength and durability. The large face width of the crown wheel allows more contact area which ensures longer life. Low reduction ratio enables lower torque step down, again increasing life of the crown wheel and pinion.

Gearbox: Our tractors come with gearboxes optimised to deliver flat torque, ensuring there is no loss of time during gearshift. The strong and durable gearbox has a higher centre distance of 142 mm between main shaft and counter shaft. This provides for bigger and stronger gears with more contact area, thus increasing gear life.

Power: Based on insights into usage patterns across India, we”ve integrated several features that ensure unmatched performance.

Gradeability: The true test of a tractor”s performance lies in its ability to negotiate hilly terrain and its load-carrying capacity.

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